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So - Bloom is a baking enterprise. We make bread, we make cakes and we make GREAT brownies. But as tasty as these bakes are - at our heart we're not really about food... we're about people. We love people and we love our Lewisham community. When we set out on this slightly crazy adventure, our main aim was to do something that would make a positive impact on people in our local area. And well... we loved food, and we loved baking - so we figured this would be a good enough place to start, and off we went!

Since then we've distilled our thinking into three key aims that sit at the centre of everything we do at Bloom:

- To Create Opportunity

- To Foster Community

- To Promote Wellbeing

Currently we run free 10-week training courses for people living Lewisham and facing a period of unemployment. Over 10 weeks, we cover basic baking skills, food safety principles and we offer the opportunity to take an accredited qualification in food hygiene. The scope of who we work with is broad - we're open to anyone living in Lewisham who is currently unemployed who would benefit from participating in our course.

We all face challenges in life, whether that's a period of ill-health, the loss of a job, financial difficulty, caring responsibilities or homelessness. Bloom courses exist to provide a supportive environment, a chance to engage with others in the community and the opportunity to gain skills and training.

The people participating in our courses are our greatest source of inspiration about where Bloom should go next. They are our co-workers, our co-conspirators and our continual creative influence. When you see a beautiful bake pop-up online, it's most likely something prepared in one of classes. We love seeing food unlock the creative potential in people, we love to see individuals thrive.

Opportunity. Community. Wellbeing.

That's what we're all about.

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